Lawrence County Early Childhood Academy


The Eclectic Curricula emphasize the importance in technology throughout the program from management to the use by children in the classroom. A technology committee meets on a regular basis to ensure equipment is in working order and software is up to date. All classrooms are equipped with computers, for teachers. One to two Hatch computers with age appropriate software are available for children’s use at all times throughout the day. It is recommended that many opportunities be given during the preschool years for exploration using technology tools in a playful, supportive environment. Specifically, research has found that preschoolers, who used computers with developmentally appropriate supporting activities for key learning goals, had more gains than children without these computer experiences. Among others, these included increases in knowledge, long-term memory, verbal skills, problem solving, and manual dexterity (3).All children’s computers are equipped with educational software along with literacy, math and science based learning games. Some classrooms have Smart Boards equipped with a curriculum that is aligned with the learning objectives specific to the individual needs of the children. Teachers have all been trained in the appropriate implementation and utilization of the programs.A set of studies with low-income children found those who received a computer curriculum had increases in cognitive, motor, and language scores compared to similar children in a regular curriculum (6,7). Recent research published in the journal Pediatrics found that young children who had access to a computer compared to those who did not performed better on measures of cognitive development and school readiness as measured by the Boehm Test of Basic Concepts and the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scales of Intelligence. The following list describes additional varieties of technology which is utilized throughout the program by managers, site administrators, family advocates, teachers, children and families:

  • I-Pads

  • Leap Frog Pens

  • Parent access to child’s assessment data in Teaching Strategies Gold

  • Child Plus Child and Family Tracking System

  • Teaching Strategies Gold

  • Flip Video

  • Books on tape

  • CD players

  • Electronic locking systems and video cameras are used in classrooms and on the buses.