Lawrence County Early Childhood Academy

Early Childhood Education Sliding Fee Tuition Scale

State-funded Preschool Classrooms in the School Districts

  • Families whose income is between 101-200% of the Federal Poverty Level pay the following monthly fee for Early Childhood Education:

Percent Poverty
Monthly Fee
Over 200%

2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Fee scale effective 6/1/23

  • Families whose income falls below 100% of the Federal Poverty guidelines pay no fee for Early Childhood Education.

Wrap-around child care for the ECE classrooms may be available; The parent must complete the Wrap-Around Agreement one week in advance.

Payment Information:

· There are no late fees.

· Payment must be made by check or money order. We do not accept cash payment.

· We charge a $45.00 returned check fee, and then all payments must be money orders.

· Private pay fees and ECE fees are due even if the child is not in attendance because a slot is being held open for them.

· Services are based on a monthly rate.

· Make checks payable to: Lawrence County Early Childhood Academy; and put child’s name and center on check or money order.

· Drop checks or money orders off at the drop box at our Delta Lane office or mail checks to:
Lawrence County Early Childhood Academy
P.O. Box 879
South Point, OH 45680